Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mainstream Culture and P90X!

Have you viewed the landscape of American culture lately? Well, you don't have to own a microscope or even a pair of cheap Tasco fold up binoculars to see P90X is rising like the sun on the horizon. Whether it's an office party, costume party, or Halloween, P90X is showing it's results on physiques everywhere you look. Sports icons, celebrity icons, politicians, the military and yes, even musicians and performers are using P90X to get in the best shape of their lives. Look into your circle of friends and acquaintances and chances are someone is having or had a recent "transformation".

Some may not have to look further than the local high school to find that P90X is shining brightly. Recently, my 13 year old daughter came home excited about what the high school marching band is doing in their routines for the upcoming football season. The flag corps is incorporating several moves of the Yoga X workout into their performances. If you are familiar with yoga at all, moves and poses like Warrior 1 and 2, Downward Dog, Reverse Warrior, Cobra, and Tree are to make their debut at the football half-time show on Friday evening in smalltown, USA. Tickets are in hand, not only to see the show but also because some of the football players have been using P90X in their training during the summer as well.

Put on your sunglasses and enjoy the view, people. That blaring sun overhead is P90X and it's casting a new light and leading the way for anyone to be fit and healthy. Your "transformation" is only 90 days away. Contact me to see how you can get 2 extra programs with your order of P90X for free. Copy and paste this address into your browser to see my profile and transformation.

Here's to your health,

Brad Hafner

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  1. Just a quick update...the halftime show was amazing. The yoga poses were rocking and the whole band did an amazing job.

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