Sunday, October 3, 2010

Now What?!....New Year's Resolutions for 2011 Problems?

Greetings to you and I hope things are well. Today we're going to revisit a specific time earlier in the year 2010. A time when festivities, family, friends and celebration were abundant. Everyone was excited and anticipation was high that the new year would bring about good changes. So let's look at our New Year's Resolutions of 2010.

Sometimes to look at the past, you have to look at the present. It's the beginning of Fall 2010 now. All of those same celebrations and festivities are mere months away. Some even sooner! Where are you with your 2010 resolution standings? Obviously, I can't make you look at your standings without looking at my own. My resolution was to get below 180 pounds and make fitness a major priority in 2010. My current weight is 172 and I got my certification to become a personal trainer. I've met my goals for the year, so now I'm going a bit further to blast out the remaining 3 months of this year.

So, where are you with your resolution? If it was to get in better shape, lose 10 or 15 pounds, or start eating healthier, it's not too late! You still have 3 months before 2011. Some of these resolutions, if not all of them, will be a little harder now that football season is underway. It's easier to sit and watch a few games on Sunday than pop in a dvd and workout for an hour. That's ok. Football or no football, it takes discipline and consistency to make those resolutions stick the whole year. Soon, gym memberships will be up again. Good intentions will be up again. Then, when March, 2011, comes, gym memberships will be down again and good intentions will be forgotten.

Are you ready for the good news? Starting a program like P90X, RevAbs, Insanity, TurboFire, Body Gospel or Brazil Butt Lift today, October 3, 2010, means that you will cross the finish line of most of those programs before or within the first week of 2011. YES! You could have a brand new you and a brand new New Year's Resolution at the beginning of 2011. The only problem will be discovering what that new, New Year's resolution will be. What a great "new" problem to have? It will be a great "new" New Year's resolution, no matter what you come up with.

I want to help you have a problem coming up with a New Year's resolution in 2011. Let's be baffled together at the end of this year. My new 90 days of P90X starts on Monday, October 4th. Join me.

To the new you,

Brad Hafner (Fit2praise)


  1. 90 days program, looks realistic and it is quite possible to loose the extra 10-15 pounds which you have targeted. All the best.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Fitness Freak!

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